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It Is Time To Act

The life of unborn children must transcend the concept of politics.

For too long the issue of life in the womb has been a polarizing political issue that separates people along party lines.

If you have been in the news recently you have seen the drastic political legislation that has been passed in states such as New York and Virginia that allow for pregnancy termination up until the time of delivery.

Can you imagine?

A mom is having contractions and the baby is in the birth canal and before exiting, the baby's life can be terminated with a syringe to the brain.

I truly cannot think of anything more unfathomable.

Our legislators have crossed the line.

I remember the abortion debate when I was growing up. It used to be that it primarily centered around the early stages of a pregnancy - mainly the first trimester. Right to Life advocates would argue that life happens at conception and there should be no reason to terminate a pregnancy except in incredibly rare exceptions that would threaten the life of the mother. Back then it seemed to me that even those who were in favor of abortion in the early stages of pregnancy would never have advocated for something as drastic as a 40 week abortion.

But those times have changed.

Under this new legislation, a woman could simply decide that having the baby was "too much emotionally" and make a split second decision to terminate.

I don't care if you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Socialist, Constitutionalist, Green Party, Independent, or anything in between - THIS IS MORALLY REPUGNANT.

There is a moral shift happening in America that is drastic and frightening. When these are the discussions that are happening in our political realm we must recognize that we have lost ourselves along the way somewhere.

The other day I asked this question on my Facebook page: What tangible thing can we do to advocate against these types of issues that our country is facing? I received some great answers and recognized that many people are wrestling with all of this.

I think that too many of us are tired of making this about politics. We simply want to be of real help and do something that will make a practical difference.

Here is what I have come up with:

I think there are 3 primary areas that everyday people can take a stand in this area:

Advocate in the Political Realm:

There are people who are wired to take this issue on in the political spectrum. These people need to write their Senators, and Representatives, run for office, and do everything they can on a political level to make a difference in this realm.

But many of us are not as excited about getting politically active in this way - so I think there are a few other options.

Financially Resource Alternative Pregnancy Centers

There are amazing centers all around the country that are on the front lines helping woman who are considering abortion. These centers walk alongside women in a relational and loving way and remind them that abortion does not have to be the choice they make. I think that resourcing these centers is a practical way that we can help minimize the number of abortions that will occur. Some women have abortions because they feel that they would not be able to provide financially, or because their partner is pressuring them, or because of a variety of other reasons. If we can resource those on the front lines in a big way - I think that we will have a great opportunity to help meet the needs of those who are in the midst of these life-altering decisions.

Continuous Prayer

There are people who have been praying over this issue for literally decades. There needs to be more. I believe that there are some people who are wired in such a way that deep and continuous prayer is what they are good at and wired to do. When some of us get tired of praying or forget to pray - there are those who we would call 'prayer warriors' who do not fatigue and pick up the mantle and continue!

These are three practical ways that I feel that all of us can get involved in this issue.

Again, this goes beyond your political party. This is a human issue and needs every person to get involved.

I am starting a fundraiser on my Facebook Page for Alternative Pregnancy Centers in areas where this legislation is passing. If you feel you want to do something tangible to help this issue, I ask you to consider donating.

Sometimes the issue seems too big when you see the stats that say that over 600,000 babies are aborted each year. Sometimes it seems like our country will never wake up and discover its moral compass. Sometimes it seems that we will never be able to stop the political train that continues to hand down these laws.

But I believe that there is hope.

I am reminded of the words from the movie Schindlers List:

He who saves one life, saves the world entire

May you and I be able to say this of ourselves; for in the saving of one life, there will be generations that are changed forever.



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