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In my book, The Elevate Paradigm, I discuss 3 character qualities and 5 practices that make an Elevate Leader. Elevate Leaders have an others-centered approach to leadership and strive to make those around them great. I believe, is the best leadership model to strive for.

But in order to make people great, it is imperative that a leader speak well of those they lead.

Words have immense power and one ill-timed or careless word can do damage to an individuals reputation. When a leader becomes so cavalier that he or she speaks their mind publicly about those that they lead, the damage done can sometimes never be repaired.

Sometimes, the best thing a leader can do is just shut up.

If a leader is to speak publicly about someone they lead, it should be to praise and build them up. It should never be to embarrass, call out a flaw, mock, or intimidate. These are the tactics and practices of insecure, selfish, and aloof people.

A dedication to speaking highly of others does not mean that leaders dismiss speaking the truth about individuals or neglect to have tough conversations about performance or attitude. It is imperative that leaders deal with these things head on and create a game plan for helping an individual improve.

When a leader dedicates him or herself to speaking highly of others they gain trust from those they lead. A sigh of relief can be felt in the organization and trust is gained.

Individuals who know their leaders are speaking highly of them will perform better and have better morale.

This is the making of a healthy organizational culture - something every great leader aspires to create.


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