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Are You A Gracious Leader?

Is leadership about being known or about staying under the radar?

Is it about being out front or spurring on from the back?

Is it about having answers or asking good questions?

Is it about taking a risk or staying the course?

It is about having authority or giving authority away?

I suppose the answer to these questions is not always clear.

In fact, I would say that depending on the circumstance the answer to all of these is yes.

Leadership is a great mystery.

It is a subject that I have studied, practiced, wrestled with, grown in, and made mistakes in my whole adult life.

But if there was one aspect of leadership that has stood out to me recently it is the aspect of graciousness.

Graciousness in leadership is a quality that is not talked about much, but it is a quality that is endearing and makes a leader worth following.

What does graciousness in leadership look like?

  • Unselfish: Gracious leaders focus on the growth and well-being of those that they lead

  • Patient: Gracious leaders are quick to listen, slow to become angry, and willing to put in time to make those they lead better

  • Understanding: Gracious leaders understand the challenges of those they lead

  • Approachable: Gracious leaders are easy to talk to and listen well

  • Generous: Gracious leaders are generous with their resources and their time

There is no greater peace and joy than working under a gracious leader.

Are you leading with graciousness?

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